Miss Paris, Professional Dominatrix .

My Services

below this image are the services I offer you

The services I offer include: Traditional Corporal Punishment including

OTK,Strapping ,Caning ,Tawsing ,Hairbrushing ,Birching Judicial ,Punishments,

Corner Time , Whipping , Face slapping , Ball Kicking , Ball Busting

CBT , Nipple Torture ,Hair pulling , Trampling , Objectification

Shoe / Heel / Boot worship , Interrogation , Humiliation / Degredation

Torture, Torment , Physical beatdowns , Obedience training ,Bondage, Collars

Blindfolds, Sensory deprivation , Eye Contact & Speech restrictions

Roleplay - pony, puppy, piggy, school, strict aunt, prison warden, court official, police officer, scorned lover, nurse, public humiliation, kidnap, PT

Pantyhose/Nylon Fetish, Plastic Wrap , Gloves , Latex & Leather , Financial domination ,Weight-loss motivation




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