Miss-Paris, Professional Dom.

About me


Miss Paris

I am Miss Paris and I want to show you my very special world of BDSM, Fetish and Domination.

I am a BDSM Goddess with an exquisite, slim, silky soft body and a sharp kinky mind. I enjoy every aspect of my profession, but particularly like role-playing where I am a fantasy beauty from your dreams, who behaves exactly as she wants and yet also fulfills your own erotic desires and needs. I love acting and performing, but the beauty of what I do is that it fills me with real passion so I do not have to act: it comes naturally to me, and you will sense this strongly when you are with me.

I take great pleasure in exploring and becoming a part of your fetishes and desires.

Foot-fetish sessions are among my favourites; I adore stockings, shoes and boots and have many very stylish and sexy pairs. I also love leather and latex. Sessions with me are erotic, sensual and strict. As a very experienced Pro Domme, I will always tailor them to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire and are ready for, but if you are willing I will test and extend your limits as we learn more about each other.

If you are seeking the services of a Professional Domme for play or punishment, I can guarantee extreme pleasure





Now available from Paris-pleasures.com are custom

Custom Picture sets and videos

These videos and picture sets will be created just for you and contain content that you personally request , to find out more please email me @ the email addreesses shown on the contact pages


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